F Please give us a call or send us an E-Mail.
If you have your essential project information already at hand, we may also suggest in initial cost calculation over the phone.
“below please find a brief overview of the production process and essential project coordinates for submitting a proposal.


1. Quick Analysis:

We base our cost calculation on the extent, type and final use of the production and further the number of voice over talents and languages needed.

2. Quote:

We will be happy to provide you with an initial quote. Our simple cost structure allows you to make a quick decision.

3. Voice Samples

We will send you a selection of suitable voices. You may sit back, listen and decide as you please.

4. Delivery

Once you give us your go-ahead, the end product can usually be delivered within two to three business days!


Project Oulines

1. Type of Project

Is it a product film, an eLearning program, and eduplay or web-based training or.....

2. Length of Project

When working on film please send us the playing time or the voice over length. Otherwise, please tell us the word count.

3. Desired Languages

In which languages would you like to realize your project? Do you require one or more voice over talents?

4. Timbre / Gender

How would you like the voices to sound? Based upon your ideas and requirements, we will suggest the matching voices from our network.

5. Usage

Where will your project be used? Will it be shown on the Internet, Intranet or at trade shows? What is the intended time frame?

6. Text

In order to ensure a smooth production process, please submit your texts as a PDF file and a font size of 12 to 14pt and 1.5 line spacing.